ULTIMATE Germany Van Road Trip Itinerary + Campsites (2 weeks)


In this blog post, I am sharing with you our 2-week Germany road trip itinerary. We went all across the country in a camper van, driving over 2000km, exploring many hidden gems in Germany. As a German, I haven't seen as much of Germany as I'd like to so this road trip was the perfect opportunity to discover some new places in my home country. 

This is our full 2-week itinerary: 

We started and ended in Dresden, Saxony. 

Major stops: 

  • Schwielowsee, Potsdam (4 nights) Camping site: Schwielowsee-Camping (our favourite campsite of the trip) 
We did lots of cycling tours and visited Sanssouci Park and Palace in Potsdam. 

We did a little boat tour across the lake and ate some very yummy fish. 

    • Aachen 
    On our way to Mosel, we stopped by Aachen to visit the Aachen Dom and explore the city. 

    For sure one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. Quite busy during summer tho, hence, we only stayed for one night. 

    We did the Zollernburg Panorama 16-km hike with a gorgeous view on Burg Hohenzollern. Highly recommend, for sure a highlight of the entire road trip. 

    Beautiful city, very German. A bit touristy so we'd recommend exploring later in the afternoon/evening. 

    We had a chill lake day at the Brombachsee and did a cycling tour along the river Altmühl. 

    How we organised/booked everything

    We had the first campsite booked in advanced. We also booked most of the other ones a day or two in advance, simply by calling them. Although we enjoyed being spontaneous, looking back we'd plan and book a little more in advance. Just so it's not as stressful throughout the vacation. Because summer holidays were starting during our road trip the campsite was quite busy and some of them were fully booked. So calling in advance is for sure recommended. 


    Luckily there weren't many restrictions throughout our travels besides wearing masks to washrooms and public spaces as well as social distancing. Some campsite, unfortunately, closed their washing and showing facilities or reduced capacity. However, it was all manageable and no issue for us. :)

    We loved our Germany road trip and cannot wait to go back and explore more. Going by van or motorhome is an ideal way to explore much of Germany in little time - we definitely recommend.

    Don't forget to check out my YouTube video of our road trip. 

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    Laura x

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