5 Day New York City Itinerary - New York December 2018


Top of the Rock View Manhattan Skyline

New York City has been my #1 dream destination for as long as I can think. I am so grateful to have ended 2018 with this incredible 5-day Christmas trip to New York City including tons of sightseeing, Instagram-worthy spots, cheap eats and stunning views. Hope you enjoy <3

Watch the full travel vlog! <3

DAY 1 - Midtown and Upper East Side 
Times Square 
Rockefeller Center 
Grand Central Station
Empire State Building
Madison Square Park 
Flatiron Building 
Famous Original Ray's Pizza
Irving Farm Coffee 
The Palace Hotel (Gossip Girl film location) 
5th Avenue (From Rockefeller Center to Plaza Hotel at Central Park) 
Times Square at Night  

Flatiron Building New York City

DAY 2 - Lower Manhattan, Chinatown and Brooklyn 
9/11 Memorial 
Zucker‘s Bagels
Brooklyn Bridge Park 
Sweet Moments in Chinatown

Girl on Brooklyn Bridge in Morning Sun

DAY 3 - Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan and SOHO 
Brooklyn Bridge in the morning 
The End Cafe Brooklyn 
Staten Island ferry to see Statue of Liberty 
Battery Park
Wall Street 
Eileen’s Cheesecake 
By Chloe 

Central Park Iceskating

DAY 4 - Midtown and Central Park 
Top of the Rock 
Bryant Park 
Central Park Wollman Rink Ice Skating 
The MET 
Harlem Shake 

Harlem Shake Burger Milkshake Cheese Fries

DAY 5 - Chelsea and Greenwich Village 
Citizen of Chelsea Cafe 
Doughnut Plant 
Chelsea Market 
Bleecker Street 
The Butcher’s daughter 
Magnolia Bakery 
Jr's Pizza and Brew
DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

Check out my blog post all about the best cheap eats in New York City here!

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  1. What the best mode of transportation to visit these sites?

    1. The subway works great, otherwise Uber is a good option when it's not too traffic-y out!

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