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"She has wanderlust in her eyes. You can see it from worlds away."

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Hello friends! 
Recently I got a scratch off world map for my room to track my travel adventures. I realised that I only visited 11 countries so far (excluding Germany cause that doesn't count) which made me think about what countries, cities and places I want to visit in the next few years. In my phone notes I always keep a travel destination list just in case I have a sudden idea or someone tells me about an amazing place that I need to visit. To start checking off a few travel destinations from my bucket list I am sharing with you 10 places I want to visit in the next 5 years today. 

PS: The beautiful imagery is from my favourite place on the internet - Pinterest. The pics are not mine (although I wish, but I will hopefully soon be able to take pictures of those places myself).

Colosseum Rome Italy


Although I have been to Italy twice I never got to explore its historic capital Rome. In Latin class we often talked about Rome's ancient sights and its impressive role in history, which made me want to go to Rome since then. Also as a fan of Dan Brown's Illuminati I am so curious to see Vatican city and all the historical churches. On my bucket list here: take a picture with a handsome Italian on his Vespa, visit all popular sights and eat tons of pizza, ice cream and lasagna (just like in "Eat Pray Love").

Havanna Cuba

2. CUBA 

Someplace I have never been even close to is the caribbean sea, which is a dream destination for almost everybody. Beside the beautiful turquoise sea, white sand, palm trees and fresh coconuts I am really drawn to Cuba and its vibrant capital Havanna. Not gonna lie here: Dirty Dancing 2 really made me want to experience the lively, colourful and exotic Cuban culture. Things to do: take a ride with one of the old & colourful cars and dance Salsa with a local in a typical Cuban club.

Thailand market beaches elephants


Pretty new on my bucket list (ok, let's be real: every country is kind of on my bucket list) is tropical Thailand (spot the alliteration here). I want to try Thai food, go on a motorcycle trip, stroll across a colourful market and chill by the blissful beaches (alliteration number 2). Oh and how can I forget: I really want to see elephants of course.  

Vienna Austria Cityscape


A place not as far away as Cuba and Thailand is Austria and its beautiful capital Vienna. Everyone who has been there tells me how lovely and impressive the cityscape is and we all know how much I love taking photos of pretty buildings. And don't get me started on Austrian food because I am in love with Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarrn and Leberknödel. 


An undeniable must-see for all lovers of epic nature and stunning photography is the land of fire and ice: Iceland. I don't think I have to say a lot about the breathtaking nature that is shaped by bold contrasts. And what better starting point for a trip to Iceland than Aberdeen? It is quite far up north which is why the flights are not too long and also not that expensive. On my bucket list here (beside all the other mesmerising natural sights): see the Northern lights.


There are so many places that I want to visit in France: from pulsating Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Marseille to the glorious palace of Versailles, little fairytale villages in the Provence, the romantic capital Paris and Disneyland Paris of course. Strictly speaking: one trip to France will definitely not be enough. However before I go I really want to learn at least little bibs and bobs of French so that I won't be completely lost. Things to do here: eat a lot of baguette, crepe, croissants, cheese, macaroons - the list is endless. 


A less popular travel destination but definitely not less worth seeing is Poland. I chose Warsaw for this post because it is Poland's capital, however there are also many more places to see: Krakow, Danzig and the Masuria region. The great thing about Poland is that it is also really affordable - from flights to accommodation and food.


Do you guys know the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun"? Well, if you like "Eat Pray Love" you will most definitely also enjoy this romance about a woman who, after being cheated on by her husband, starts a new life in a rural Tuscan villa. So far I have only been to the Garda lake which was already pretty amazing so I suppose that the Tuscany is just as beautiful. Same as in Rome: eat tons of Italian food and take photos of Vespas (preferably red ones).


A city that is only 2 hours drive from where I live in Germany but I unfortunately never visited is Prague. With baroque palaces and cobbled streets Prague is said to be just as beautiful as Paris when it comes to its magnificent architecture. Me and my Instagram feed very much enjoy a trip to a pretty city like Prague (how basic was that). And same as with Poland - Prague within the Czech Republic is affordable, so perfect for students like me.


And last but (oh god) definitely not least: the city of my dreams. For years I have been wanting to go to New York City, the American dream per se. Walk across Brooklyn Bridge, admire the world-famous skyline from the Top of the Rock, vanish in the bright lights of Times Square, feel like Blair Waldorf and see the Breakfast at Tiffany's Apartment. The list of must-dos in NYC is long. One trip to New York isn't enough anyway because I want to experience NYC in summer, autumn and around Christmas time. 

What is on your travel bucket list? Kisses, Laura xx 


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