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"Let's find some beautiful places to get lost."

Pretty street in Nuremberg with colourful medieval architecture

Hi everyone! 
One of my best friends Sarah and I went on a day trip to Nuremberg, one of the most historic and picturesque cities in Germany and a definite must-see city on your Germany trip.

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We took a ton of pretty pictures which I want to share with you in this post! I also made a short but sweet Nuremberg travel vlog for my YouTube channel - feel free to check it out!

So here are some things to do, things to see, must-do activities (whatever you want to call it) on a day trip to Nuremberg! Let's get started shall we? ­čśŐ

Medieval Architecture in Nuremberg Wei├čgerbergasse
Medieval Architecture in Nuremberg
Mittelalterliche Architektur in N├╝rnberg

Walk along the picturesque Wei├čgerbergasse and take some pictures for your Instagram! 
It looks literally just like out of a fairytale book. 

Travel Outfit Nuremberg
Chain Bridge Nuremberg
Kettensteg N├╝rnberg
N├╝rnberg Pegnitz Kettensteg

Then, make sure you visit the "Kettensteg", Europe's oldest Chain Bridge. From there you have a wonderful view across the river Pegnitz

Typical German food

Eat some typical N├╝rnberger Rostbratwurst, Sauerkraut and Brezel for lunch! I recommend going to the „Goldenes Posthorn“, a great alternative to the popular Bratwursth├Ąusel. 

Nuremberg view from Nuremberg Castle

Enjoy a stunning view over Nuremberg from the Sinwell Tower of the Nuremberg Castle
The pretty red roofs combined with the old, medieval architecture are just mesmerising.

I hope you guys love the pics as much as I do! For more travel pictures make sure you follow me on my Instagram @laura_langheinrich! ☺️ Kisses, Laura xx


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