What Being a Cheerleader in University is Really Like


“Bows and bling is a cheerleading thing.“

RGU Sports Cheerleading Cheerleader

Last weekend I had my first ever Cheerleading competition alongside my amazing squad, the RGU Cobras. As a dancer I always wanted to try out cheerleading as well as it seemed so much fun. So obviously I was really excited when I found out that the university I was going to had a cheerleading squad. 
I have been a university cheerleader for 5 months now and I didn’t only have the best time but I also learned a lot about cheerleading itself and what it meant to be a cheerleader. Annoyingly, some people have many prejudices towards cheerleaders and don’t recognise cheerleading as a “real“ sport (just saying: the International Olympic Committee's executive board recognised cheerleading as a sport). Today I will therefore give you some insights into what it really means to be a college cheerleader and hopefully motivate you to join your university cheer squad as well! 

RGU Cheerleader Competition ACDC

Joining cheerleading is a commitment 
We usually train 2 times a week. Every two weeks we even train at 7 am (!) in the morning. However, before competitions, we train several times a week and sometimes even daily. As cheerleading is all about working as a team and being able to rely on each other you also can’t just be like “Nah I can’t be bothered going to cheer today“ because if you don’t attend training none of your other group members will be able practise the stunts. It is all about managing your time and fully committing to your team. Beside training, being a university cheerleader also comes with the social side. There will be loads of fun night outs and fundraising events to join, which will bring you even closer as a team and create really amazing memories. 

Being a cheerleader is hard and sweaty work 
I have never done cheerleading before. And trust me when I say: it is so much harder than it looks. I didn’t really have any arm strength before joining cheer which is why after the first couple of cheer sessions I was so sore! My arms and shoulders were actually dying. Cheerleading is a great way to get a workout in - you will get strength training from stunts and tumbles and conditioning from dance routines and warm ups. The best part about it is that it, similar to dance, is a very enjoyable way to get a workout in because you don’t really focus on the workout side of it. 

RGU Cheerleading Squad Level 1 Cobras

Joining your university cheerleading squad is a great way to meet people 
Just as with any other society or sports club you join, being part of a cheerleading squad makes it so easy for you to meet new people and make friends as you all have a shared interest. Also big events such as adoption nights and competitions or the weekly team night outs are a great opportunity to bond with each other and to start conversation. 

Being a cheerleader is quite expensive 
Probably the only downside of joining cheer is that it is quite costly. You will have to pay for joining, the uniform, training kit, competition fees and not to forget: the night outs. However, I would encourage everyone to let money not stop you from joining cheer. Make it happen somehow - save some money through meal prepping your food or budgeting your money on a monthly basis. Money really shouldn’t be a reason not to join because all in all… 

Cheerleading is so much fun 
Joining RGU Cobras was one of the things that made my first year at university absolutely incredible. It is just such an memorable experience with many unforgettable moments. Also, what a nice memory is it to look at your cheer uniforms in some years? I am literally just all about it! And: how cute is our bow? It is honestly worth joining cheerleading just for the bow! 

RGU Cheerleading Squad

Have you joined any societies or sports clubs at your university? What clubs would you like to join in the future? 
For next semester, I am thinking about participating in the language society. Let me know in the comments what other clubs I should join next year! Kisses, Laura

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  2. lilly216cheerwithnofear4 Mar 2021, 09:25:00

    wow this really
    inspired me to join I just love the teamwork and it seems so much fun but I dont really know how to cheer am flexible but I get afraid to do moves that I have never done before


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