A Local's Guide to a Weekend in Amsterdam


“In the world through which I travel I am endlessly creating myself.“ 

Canals of Amsterdam Weekend Trip

 Last weekend I got the chance to visit beautiful Amsterdam alongside one of my dear friends from University. I have never been to Amsterdam before and I seriously had the best time as my friend (she is a local) was so kind and showed me around. I got to discover some cool non-touristy, off-beat and alternative spots, which I want to share with you today in this 2-day Amsterdam itinerary.

As a lover for videography I have been creating videos of my travel adventures for years now and I never published them. However, as I know that most of us prefer watching a video over reading text, I put up my little, cute Amsterdam video on YouTube for you to watch. Feel free to comment, like, share - I appreciate all kinds of feedback!


Gevulde Koeken Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam
Stroopwaffels Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam

Stroll along Bloemenmarkt and Albert Cuyp Market 

 Start your Saturday Amsterdam adventures by strolling along the Albert Cuyp Market, a street market located in the city centre of Amsterdam that offers everything typically dutch. Definitely try dutch pastries such as fresh, warm and deliciousStroopwafels“ (caramel waffles), “gevulde Koeken“ (marzipan cookies) and “Poffertjes“ (mini pancakes).

Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam Tulips
Kaaskelder Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Dutch Cheese
Golden Age Cheese Amsterdam
Dutch Cheese Amsterdam Tourist

Next stop is the Bloemenmarkt, the world's only floating flower market, which is about 20 minutes walk from the Albert Cuyp market. Enjoy the colourful flowers, take some pretty pictures and buy some yummy cheese.

Mook Pancakes Amsterdam

 Have pancakes at MOOK 

To be honest, I was pretty full after those delicious pastries on the Albert Cuyp Market. However, as the Netherlands are known for their pancakes, my friend recommended “Mook Pancakes“, a really instagramable pancake place 20 minutes walk from the Bloemenmarkt. It is such a cute place that offers a lovely variety of organic pancakes and fresh made juices. I also felt like it wasn’t that touristy which is always a plus.

Canals of Amsterdam
Pretty Houses at Canals of Amsterdam
Canals of Amsterdam Bridge
Cafe at Canals of Amsterdam

 Wander along the canals of Amsterdam 

 Amsterdam is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been to. Lovers of pretty places and cute imagery will have no problems spending hours and hours walking around the streets and along the canals taking pictures.

Scooter Amsterdam Canals

The highlight for me was driving around Amsterdam on the scooter with my friend. Definitely the best way to explore the city! (I didn't actually drive, I just posed for a picture)


 Visit the Anne Frank House 

The Anne Frank House is a standard must-see place in Amsterdam.

Bagels and Beans Amsterdam
Brunch at Bagels and Beans Amsterdam

 Have lunch at Bagels & Beans 

 Another recommendation from my kind friend was to get lunch at “Bagels & Beans“, a really cute and picturesque coffee place (25 minutes walk from Anne Frank House). For the fact that the food was super good and it was situated in the city centre right beside a canal I also found it quite affordable which is always a plus for poor students like me. 

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

 Explore the Rijksmuseum 

You might have a hard time deciding between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum, 2 huge art museums situated on the Museumplein. Following the advice of my friend, I personally decided on the Rijksmuseum where I was able to admire some masterpieces by Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer. A nice surprise to me: free entry for under 19-year-olds.

Hooftstraat Amsterdam

Walk along the Hooftstraat 

On your way from the Rijksmuseum to the Vondelpark, walk along the most expensive street in Amsterdam. The "Hooftstraat“ offers everything from Gucci and Cartier to Chanel and Prada and is just a really pretty location to take pictures.

Vondelpark Amsterdam

 Relax in the Vondelpark 

 After this museum day you might be feeling some relaxation, which is why you should get some ice-cream from the Ice bakery and set off for a chill time at Vondelpark, a vast park in the city centre of Amsterdam.

I am so thankful that I got to experience Amsterdam along my lovely friend.
I will definitely come back to this beautiful place. 

Apologies from me for being really MIA lately on my blog. I was lacking inspiration, ideas, cute pictures - all of that jazz. Thanks you for patience! Kisses, Laura

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  1. My great grandfather immigrated from the Netherlands and I've always wanted to go. Your pictures are so great and you really highlight the best parts.

    1. You should really go, it is beautiful!
      Of course I have only seen a really small part, but I am beyond excited to discover more 😍
      Thank you so much - I am a big lover of photography. 💖
      Kisses, Laura

  2. I was a big fan of Anne Frank as a kid. Don't know how many times I read that book over and over again. That's why I just had to go to the museum. I must say that it was a bit of an emotional turmoil for me.

    1. Yes I agree. A very very emotional place. Really makes you think.
      Worth a visit!
      Kisses, Laura 😘

  3. The food and the flowers! I think I'm in love with Amsterdam!

    1. I know right??
      Me too!! such a lovely place 🎀💞

      Kisses, Laura ✨

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