4 Healthy Habits of Successful University Students


“Some days you eat salads and go to the gym, some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It is called balance.“

Just as every other person I set myself some new years resolutions mainly focussing on my health, well-being and career. For me personally, it doesn’t make any sense to change my habits drastically from one day to another as I just can’t stick to them, which is why I am slowly starting to integrate a few simple, easy and healthy habits. I know that they aren’t revolutionary or unique in any way, however I still think that those are really beneficial on helping me to be happier and healthier on a daily basis.

 Budget your money
 I recently decided to sit down and create an overview over my monthly budget, necessary spendings (rent, gym, phone, laundry) and what I need/want to do with the rest (food, leisure, savings) as I felt like I was constantly out of money although I did not even spend much on anything else than food. However, writing everything down I realised how much money I actually have to spend regularly (f.e. for rent - which is beyond overpriced here in Aberdeen) resulting in me not having much left for food or leisure. In order to be able to start saving for travel and being able to afford clothing without feeling guilty I especially felt the need to budget my grocery spendings, because this is where I spend most of my “leftover“ money (monthly budget minus necessary spendings). And this is really what creating an overview over your spendings does - it helps you realise what you need to spend on, what you don’t need to spend on and what you actually do spend on.
Cheap Student Meal Prep

Do Meal Prepping 
With me so far spending £70 on food weekly (!) I decided to start meal prepping my meals in order to save money when buying groceries. Not only is this time-saving and healthy but also does it save me tons of money as I’m (hopefully) not tempted to buy extra bibs and bobs for my meals. I decided on going grocery shopping (mostly to Lidl and Asda as it’s the most affordable) and doing meal prepping on Wednesdays and Sundays - on Sunday I meal prep for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; on Wednesdays I meal prep for Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and Sunday will be my funday (Mac n Cheese Galore). I have a whole Pinterest board on healthy and yummy recipes where I will most likely find inspiration for my meal prep - so feel free to check it out and follow.

Start a gratitude journal 
Having always admired people who journal on a daily basis and with me being a big sucker for cute stationery I chose one of my new years resolutions to be about starting a gratitude journal. I found 2 adorable rainbow-coloured notebooks in the John Lewis sale for £ 3,50 (John Lewis seriously has the cutest stationary - click *here* for similar notebooks) and with my goal in mind I couldn’t resist getting them. Honestly, I didn’t really do much research into journaling beside watching a Youtube video here and there so I just decided to go for it. So now, every morning I write down 5 things I am grateful for like f.e. my parents, my friends, my organised room, my mermaid blanket or my new flowers - genuinely anything that comes to my mind at that very moment. My goal with this is whenever I have a bad day, some sad thoughts or suffer homesickness (which unfortunately happened quite a lot recently) I can flick through my gratitude journal and realise how happy I should be considering the many things I can be grateful for. 


Keep track of your fitness progress 
Almost everyone sets themselves a health related goal for the new year, which I did as well by getting a gym membership and deciding to eat in more conscious and healthy way. What really helps me here is writing down everything from what I eat to what exercises I do and when I meal prep in my other rainbow coloured journal from John Lewis. For a little bit of creativity I use this notebook as a bullet journal, which basically means that I design the layout, charts or whatever I want in it myself - it’s quite fun if you like drawing and doodling. To keep track of my foods in terms of calories and nutrients I use the free app “myfitnesspal“ which is super convenient as it has a bar code scanner and you can adjust the size of servings easily. When you first get the app you simply type in your current weight and height, your goal weight and how much you exercise/move on a daily basis - and the app calculates your daily calorie requirement. With the app being on your phone you will most likely have it with you wherever you are so even if you are out and about you can conveniently keep track of your food. 

I also wrote a post about having an efficient study routine in university!

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  1. Awesome post! All such important things to remember :)

    1. Thanks girl! X
      Love your blog btw - it's great to find people in the same niche 💃🏽🌷💕🌈
      Kisses, Laura x

  2. I love your journal! And also the practice of a gratitude journal in general. In my case I do this in my bullet journal :)

    1. Thank you - it is so colourful right? 🌈
      Awww I LOOOOVE bullet journaling - so creative 🌼
      Kisses, Laura X

  3. Great post!Budgeting is such a good habit! Makes you feel so in control. I started a gratitude journal, it really increases your happiness levels even after a few days. Like you said, it'll be a really nice thing to look back on.

    come say hi --> www.roliedema.com

    1. Thank you so much X
      I know I feel such a difference already, it is amazing 💐🌷💕
      I will make sure to check out your blog as well - thanks for your feedback!
      Kisses, Laura 😘


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