The Best Part About Coming Home After A Trip


“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and even better to come back.“


Staying home over Christmas I am very much enjoying my beloved home, the ore mountains, and taking loads of pictures with my mum. Therefore I am sharing with you some lovely photos my mum took of me when we did a little wintery walk through my hometown as well as some thoughts I lately had about coming home after travelling.

See the place you came from with new eyes 
After coming back from 3 months abroad I realised that to truly value and appreciate your home, you first have to leave it for some time. The place you are coming back to doesn’t feel the same as it did when you left, because you start to see it with different eyes. What used to seem boring, now appears peaceful and idyllic. People you used to look up to, aren’t your role models anymore. Travelling adds so many new dimensions and colours into your perception, it’s truly mesmerising. That’s why I say: chase you dreams, but always know the road that leads you home. 


Nothing changes but you 
“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realise what’s changed it you.“ - F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
 To recognise how much you developed, changed and evolved as a person, a good way is to come home to your old, familiar surroundings. What has become a habit during travels, will show when you are back home and apply those new habits to your old ones - things you had probably never done by yourself, seem no obstacle anymore, what used to seem annoying and compulsive, now is a normal thing that needs to be done (for me that is definitely doing the dishes myself :D). Personal developments you would have never recognised as such on your travels now show up, which I think is really important to keep on track with the development of your character and individual habits.

Get excited for your next adventure 
 Just as travelling makes you appreciate to be home again, so does being home makes you excited for your next travel adventure. For me, anticipation is one of the best things about travelling: the excitement when looking for new places to explore, booking flights and packing my suitcase is just my favourite.

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