Edinburgh's Must-See Places in a Day


“Jobs fill you pocket, adventures fill your soul.“

Edinburgh Castle

Last weekend me and my friend Corey decided to embark on a christmassy day trip to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, which is approximately 2.5 hours away from Aberdeen. This was my first time out of Aberdeen since I arrived here in September, hence I was absolutely buzzing and very excited for this little trip. We got the train early in the morning so that we had full 5 hours to explore the city of Edinburgh, do some window shopping and wander around the Christmas market. Due to us choosing a saturday for our trip it was quite busy and especially the Christmas markets were crazily crowded. Therefore we decided to just go ahead and explore the city by foot without any plans just packed with curiosity, excitement and a look for cute places to take photos.
  Old town Edinburgh
Royal Mile in Edinburgh
Cab in Edinburgh
Victoria Street Edinburgh Diagon Alley
Edinburgh City
Victoria Street Edinburgh Diagon Alley
Royal Mile Edinburgh
Edinburgh Cab and Bus
Edinburgh Castle
Witchery Edinburgh Christmas
Edinburgh Castle

Me being an absolute Harry Potter fanatic I was mesmerised by the beauty of Edinburgh’s streets as everything literally looks like out of the Harry Potter movies. Wandering around Victoria Street, which supposedly was the inspiration for Diagon Alley, Royal Mile and Princess Street, we spent our time adoring the lovely atmosphere and stunning architecture especially fancying the narrow backstreets, which connected the main streets among each other. We also walked up to the Edinburgh castle from which you have a wonderful view over the city.
  Nutcracker Christmas Shop in Edinburgh
Christmas in Edinburgh
Christmas on George Street in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh

Later we wanderer along George Street which was beautifully decorated with sparkling Christmas lights‚. Of course we couldn’t hold ourselves back from strolling into some shops like French connection, Jo Malone or Anthropology, which we absolutely loved - however, we stayed strong and didn’t buy anything. We also waited in line to go into The Dome, a quite fancy bar and restaurant which had wonderful Christmas decorations and a humongous Christmas tree.
  Edinburgh Christmas Market

Before we were heading back home we made a wee visit to the German Christmas market, because I obviously wanted to see whether they did justice to the original German Christmas markets and to be fair, I was quite impressed. They offered everything from Stollen and Dominosteine, to “gebrannte Mandeln“ (roasted almonds) and “Marzipan Kartoffeln“ (Marzipan potatoes), to Räucherhäuschen (I have no idea how to translate that :D) and Pyramiden (Christmas Pyramids), to Bratkartoffeln (fried potatoes) and Quarkkrapfen (they called it x-mas balls, but they are basically little pastries) - and what I was most excited about: real bread. On most stalls the products were sold by German people, which I thought as quite funny as we had little German conversations about our love for German foods (yes, we really love our food as you can tell). My Scottish friend who tried fried potatoes and x-mas balls loved the German food as well and on the train back to Aberdeen we munched on the delicious bread and a sausage.
  George Street Edinburgh Outfit: Jacket - Mydearlove // Trousers - Zara // Boots - Tamaris // Bag - Primark

 Ultimately, this was such a fabulous day and I can absolutely recommend visiting the rather beautiful city of Edinburgh, which is stunning in Christmas time as well as all year around.


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