5 Reasons Why You Should Start Dancing In 2017


“Darling, don’t ever be too shy to dance your heart out.“ - Audrey Hepburn

Ballerina on pointe with tutu

Being a passionate dancer for over 14 years, I can surely say that dance is an indispensable and utterly important part of my life. With 2016 coming to an end and some eventually people setting a view new years resolutions sooner or later, I bring you some reasons today on why you should involve into dancing (if you aren’t already) in 2017.

Ballet dancers are more fit than football players 
 Dance as a sport can make an enormous contribution to your physical well-being and fitness as it leads to stronger bones and muscles, healthier heart and lungs, better coordination and flexibility, improved balance and an overall increased physical confidence. Sounds good doesn’t it? You wouldn’t believe how exhausting for a Zumba course, Ballet class or a round of Jive is, as the essence and magic of dance is making everything look so seemingly easy, when in reality it is a lot of hard and sweaty work. Dance is the perfect way of getting an incredibly effective workout, while still doing something enjoyable and varied as there are so many styles, kinds and genres.

Ballerina at a trainstation photoshooting

Be more confident 
 Beside the physical benefits, dance also impacts upon our social, emotional and mental well-being, as it gives you a greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Dance teaches you to deal respectfully and tactfully with your dance colleagues and, if you do it on a more professional level, with members of the public, as it makes you adopt valuable manners such as a friendly and helpful attitude or to always keep smiling, even when something doesn’t work or goes wrong. Such an attitude can be very beneficial, not only in your personal life, but also f.e. presentations in school or in job interviews. 

Dance prepares you for your future 
In my school time, especially when I did my Abitur, I had a busy schedule with dance sessions several times a week and dance shows all Germany on the weekends. Although I sometimes wished I could just skip a training and stay home, it was ultimately very beneficial as it forced me to learn to deal with the stress, time pressure and the consequences that come with committing to something. Therefore dance can prepare you for your occupational future as a busy employee, makes it easier for you to think clearly and calmly in tricky and pressured situations and teaches you how to manage your time efficiently. 
Ballerina levitation photoshoot Thanks to dance I have two families
It is simply wonderful how dance makes it so easy to find friends, as you all have a shared passion and presumingly a lot in common which enables effortless talks and a quick creation of friendships. Especially for people who may not want to engage with traditional sports, dance is a brilliant way of not only introducing people to a form of physical activity but also to other people, as dance is a social art form which helps to develop better social skills. Especially dancing in groups, reduces the feeling of social isolation or exclusion, as it is all about teamwork and helping each other in a respectful way. I’m beyond grateful and lucky that dance gave me the possibility to meet so many amazing, inspiring, lovely and wonderful people. My dance group is seriously my second family as we have experienced so many incredible moments, overcome unexpected obstacles and simply had the best time together. 

Make stumbles part of the dance 
This is probably a skill, that is often forgotten when talking about the benefits involvement in dance brings, but it truly is incredibly important. In the middle of a dance show you can’t just stop and run off the stage when you messed up a move or forgot the choreography - you just have to keep going and pretend that nothing happened. There are so many situations in life, where things don’t turn out the way we expected them to but we can’t let this feeling of anger, despair or helplessness show. Sometimes you just have to be able to keep up a happy face, although you might not feel like it, keep going and not let it show. You just have to learn to make stumbles part of the dance, which is a skill, not only important in dance, but also in life.

 Shoutout for my lovely and talented photographer friend Isabell for taking those wonderful images!


  1. Great idea! I love dancing and this is an awesome reminder! :)

    1. awww thank you! 💕 dance is life isn't it? 💃🏽
      Kisses, Laura 💋

  2. I wish I would've taken dance classes when I was younger, especially ballet. These photos are gorgeous by the way!

    1. You should still take them now if you have time! 👯
      Ballet is such a beneficial activity for balance, flexibility and overall well-being! 💃🏽
      And it is just fun to dress in Ballet clothing 😜
      Awww thank you so much! 😘

  3. Love all your photos, so beautiful. I have never danced, but it's on my wish list of things to do. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have figured out a way to manage dance lessons!

    1. Thank you! X
      Yeah definitely try to fit it in somehow - it its so beneficial and beautiful 🌹💃🏽
      Kisses, Laura 😚


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