The Best Part About Coming Home After A Trip


“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and even better to come back.“


Staying home over Christmas I am very much enjoying my beloved home, the ore mountains, and taking loads of pictures with my mum. Therefore I am sharing with you some lovely photos my mum took of me when we did a little wintery walk through my hometown as well as some thoughts I lately had about coming home after travelling.

See the place you came from with new eyes 
After coming back from 3 months abroad I realised that to truly value and appreciate your home, you first have to leave it for some time. The place you are coming back to doesn’t feel the same as it did when you left, because you start to see it with different eyes. What used to seem boring, now appears peaceful and idyllic. People you used to look up to, aren’t your role models anymore. Travelling adds so many new dimensions and colours into your perception, it’s truly mesmerising. That’s why I say: chase you dreams, but always know the road that leads you home. 


Nothing changes but you 
“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realise what’s changed it you.“ - F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
 To recognise how much you developed, changed and evolved as a person, a good way is to come home to your old, familiar surroundings. What has become a habit during travels, will show when you are back home and apply those new habits to your old ones - things you had probably never done by yourself, seem no obstacle anymore, what used to seem annoying and compulsive, now is a normal thing that needs to be done (for me that is definitely doing the dishes myself :D). Personal developments you would have never recognised as such on your travels now show up, which I think is really important to keep on track with the development of your character and individual habits.

Get excited for your next adventure 
 Just as travelling makes you appreciate to be home again, so does being home makes you excited for your next travel adventure. For me, anticipation is one of the best things about travelling: the excitement when looking for new places to explore, booking flights and packing my suitcase is just my favourite.

Where I Travelled In 2016


“We have nothing to lose and a world to see.“

Big Sur California USA

Looking back I can safely say that 2016 was one of the most exciting years - from my 18th birthday, to my graduation, to the start of my study abroad adventure and lots of amazing trips and travels, which I want to share with you today. I can’t remember any other year where I got so many amazing opportunities to pack my suitcase and go on vacation as in 2016, and obviously I have so many pictures that are just too lovely to not showcase them here on my blog.
  Photo-shooting by the Beach Mallorca
Flowers at Ferrer Janeiro Can Picafort Mallorca
Beach in Can Picafort Mallorca
Sunset at the beach in Can Picafort Mallorca
Photoshoot by the beach at sunset

After our graduation in mid June, my best friend and I headed on a rather fabulous all-inclusive girls trip to Can Picafort, Mallorca. We stayed at the Hotel & Spa Ferrer Janeiro in Can Picafort, which my best friend recommended as she already stayed there some years ago, and it was so lovely - great rooms, perfect location (not even 5 minute walk to the beach), delicious food, friendly employees and all of that for a really good price. After our stressful exam time we just needed relaxation and a little bit of luxury, which we absolutely got on this wonderful trip - we were reading, tanning, swimming, sleeping, relaxing and of course eating all day by the pool, in the evening we took some nice photos by the beach and we also made a gorgeous day trip on a catamaran to see some of the beautiful island. On this note I really have to say that Mallorca is so stunningly mesmerising - I feel like it’s image of the “Ballermann-Party-Alcohol“ island is not doing justice to the wonderful nature and the true beauty of this place. 

View from Michaelis Church Hamburg
Girls Trip fun in Hamburg
Landungsbrücken in Hamburg

In the beginning of August I then went on another girls trip with some of my best friends from school to lovely Hamburg. We stayed at the Generator Hostel, which is fairly cheap considering it is right in the centre of Hamburg, next to the main train station and not even 5 minutes walk from the main shopping street. Before that trip I have already been to Hamburg once and I loved it so much that I wanted to go back there so badly. Hamburg simply has the perfect mixture of everything - the charming harbour, the modern city, the historical “Speicherstadt“, really good food and not to forget - the incredibly magical musicals! When you get the chance to come to Hamburg, please invest your money in a musical ticket - I promise you, you will not regret it. Last time when I was in Hamburg I went to “The Lion King“ and this time to “Aladdin“. Let me tell you guys, it was m a g i c a l - goosebumps and tears all the way through the shows, because it was simply stunning.
  Big Sur California Coast
Cachuma Lake California
Death valley california
17 mile drive california usa
Monterey harbour California USA
The Venetian in Las Vegas
Beach near Santa Cruz
Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

 If you have been following my blog for a bit longer or just have clicked around you might have probably spotted my two blogposts I have written about our vacation in the USA - they are about the breathtaking Yosemite National Park and glamorous Los Angeles. If you haven’t read them yet, I would definitely suggest you to check them out because they have some pretty amazing insider tips as well as stunning photography in them. However, in the end of August my parents and I headed on a 3-week adventure to sunny California visiting San Francisco, Yosemite National park, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Monterey and Santa Cruz. And I think the photos absolutely speak for themselves - it was incredible. 


 Only 4 days after we came back from our travels through the USA, I set out on the most scary yet exciting trip I had so far - my journey to my study abroad in Scotland. I have been here for 3 months now and although I haven’t seen a lot of Scotland yet, what I have seen, I have loved a lot. Contrary to most people, I think the British architecture with all its grey terraced houses and chimneys is quite nice - probably because it reminds me so much of Harry Potter. I also absolutely adore how Aberdeen is by the ocean and I only have to take a 30 minute walk to chill by the beach. I was also mesmerised my the beauty of Scotland's capital Edinburgh, which we visited on a day trip in Christmas time. I’m very excited to explore more of Scotland in 2017 as my Pinterest travel board is packed with Scottish travel destinations, each looking absolutely fantastic and picturesque. 

 Where have you travelled in 2016? What are your travel plans for 2017?

Edinburgh's Must-See Places in a Day


“Jobs fill you pocket, adventures fill your soul.“

Edinburgh Castle

Last weekend me and my friend Corey decided to embark on a christmassy day trip to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, which is approximately 2.5 hours away from Aberdeen. This was my first time out of Aberdeen since I arrived here in September, hence I was absolutely buzzing and very excited for this little trip. We got the train early in the morning so that we had full 5 hours to explore the city of Edinburgh, do some window shopping and wander around the Christmas market. Due to us choosing a saturday for our trip it was quite busy and especially the Christmas markets were crazily crowded. Therefore we decided to just go ahead and explore the city by foot without any plans just packed with curiosity, excitement and a look for cute places to take photos.
  Old town Edinburgh
Royal Mile in Edinburgh
Cab in Edinburgh
Victoria Street Edinburgh Diagon Alley
Edinburgh City
Victoria Street Edinburgh Diagon Alley
Royal Mile Edinburgh
Edinburgh Cab and Bus
Edinburgh Castle
Witchery Edinburgh Christmas
Edinburgh Castle

Me being an absolute Harry Potter fanatic I was mesmerised by the beauty of Edinburgh’s streets as everything literally looks like out of the Harry Potter movies. Wandering around Victoria Street, which supposedly was the inspiration for Diagon Alley, Royal Mile and Princess Street, we spent our time adoring the lovely atmosphere and stunning architecture especially fancying the narrow backstreets, which connected the main streets among each other. We also walked up to the Edinburgh castle from which you have a wonderful view over the city.
  Nutcracker Christmas Shop in Edinburgh
Christmas in Edinburgh
Christmas on George Street in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh
The dome at Christmas in Edinburgh

Later we wanderer along George Street which was beautifully decorated with sparkling Christmas lights‚. Of course we couldn’t hold ourselves back from strolling into some shops like French connection, Jo Malone or Anthropology, which we absolutely loved - however, we stayed strong and didn’t buy anything. We also waited in line to go into The Dome, a quite fancy bar and restaurant which had wonderful Christmas decorations and a humongous Christmas tree.
  Edinburgh Christmas Market

Before we were heading back home we made a wee visit to the German Christmas market, because I obviously wanted to see whether they did justice to the original German Christmas markets and to be fair, I was quite impressed. They offered everything from Stollen and Dominosteine, to “gebrannte Mandeln“ (roasted almonds) and “Marzipan Kartoffeln“ (Marzipan potatoes), to Räucherhäuschen (I have no idea how to translate that :D) and Pyramiden (Christmas Pyramids), to Bratkartoffeln (fried potatoes) and Quarkkrapfen (they called it x-mas balls, but they are basically little pastries) - and what I was most excited about: real bread. On most stalls the products were sold by German people, which I thought as quite funny as we had little German conversations about our love for German foods (yes, we really love our food as you can tell). My Scottish friend who tried fried potatoes and x-mas balls loved the German food as well and on the train back to Aberdeen we munched on the delicious bread and a sausage.
  George Street Edinburgh Outfit: Jacket - Mydearlove // Trousers - Zara // Boots - Tamaris // Bag - Primark

 Ultimately, this was such a fabulous day and I can absolutely recommend visiting the rather beautiful city of Edinburgh, which is stunning in Christmas time as well as all year around.
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