Awesome Reasons to Visit Yosemite National Park


"Wanderlust - a great desire or irresistible impulse to travel." 

Glacier Point and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park California at Glacier Point admiring Half Dome

This summer my parents and I did a road trip through the beautiful sunny state California, USA visiting San Francisco, Yosemite National park, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Monterey and Santa Cruz. We had the most amazing, memorable time and took so many incredibly pictures, that it would be a shame not to share them on this blog.

 In today’s post I want to focus on my favourite destination on this trip, which unexpectedly was Yosemite National park. I obviously knew from pictures and reviews that Yosemite National park would be awesome, but my expectations as well as my parents’, were by far exceeded and it’s save to say, that Yosemite National park is until this point the most wonderful place I have been to. As the lovely, elderly couple we stayed with at Yosemite NP pointed out, many people don’t appreciate and realise what variety of activities Yosemite National Park has to offer and therefore only stay 1-2 nights. We decided to stay 4 nights in Yosemite National Park and we still only slightly touched the surface of what this beautiful place has to offer - we visited Glacier Point, took a hike from Sentinel Dome to Taft Point, looked at the Giant Sequoias and walked up to the Vernal Falls.
You should take into consideration, that travelling to and from Yosemite National Park (if you don’t stay inside the park in Yosemite Village) takes up a lot of time. Furthermore, especially when visiting Yosemite in summer, you won’t be able to do lots of activities on one day, because the heat, the hiking and the drives are very exhausting, especially if you are not used to it. From my own personal experience, I would recommend focussing on only one activity a day and really taking time to appreciate and enjoy. Now, I want to share with you, why it is worth to explore this gorgeous, unique spot for a longer period of, by showcasing the reasons to visit Yosemite national park and why you should go to Yosemite national park too.
  Sentinel Dome and El Capitan in Yosemite National Park California
at Sentinel Dome enjoying the amazing 360° view 

The silence 
My parents and I were truly amazed by the absolute silence we were able to experience on one of our hikes through the forests of Yosemite National park. Even though my family lives in a tiny village and we are already used to a quiet environment, we were still incredibly astonished by this incomparable silence neither my parents nor I have ever experienced. And specially if you come from a hectic, noisy city, I imagine it to be an amazing, memorable and calming experience for you.
  Sentinel Dome Yosemite National Park

The hikes 
Before coming to Yosemite National park, I was not the biggest fan of hikes, because I found them exhausting and boring. On the first day in Yosemite National park we took a 5-mile hike, discovering Sentinel Dome, Taft point and the forests between those two viewpoints. It was really hard, I was totally exhausted in the end and everything was covered in dirt and dust. But let me tell you something - it was absolutely worth it. For things to do in Yosemite national park I would definitely say that hikes are simply the best way to discover National parks (or any destination in general), because you get to experience everything in such detail, you would never be able to do by just going to the popular viewpoints by car. Going off the usual path, coming across nobody for hours and wondering if you are still walking in the right direction, experiencing the beautiful, untouched nature by first-hand is what makes your trip truly memorable and is honestly the best way to make most of your time. 

Traft Point and El Capitan in Yosemite National Park California

at Taft Point looking at stunning El Capitan
  Tenaya Lake Yosemite National Park

Tenaya Lake

Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias Yosemite National Park Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias

The views 
Seeing Half Dome, El Capitan and the gigantic sequoia trees, I had to remember myself several times that this view, in this very moment is real. Even looking at the pictures now, I think those views look too perfect to be real. Being a lover of photography, my mom and I found gorgeous motives wherever we went, although our photographs of Yosemite National park can’t do those natural wonders justice. You simply have to experience it yourself - and when you do, put aside your camera and your phone for a few minutes and just look, breathe, enjoy and soak in those stunning views, because you aren’t likely to come across such beauty again. 

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