Get Organised: How to Plan Your Week


WHSmith Planners and Notebooks

Today I want to share with you some how to plan your week and some tips with time management in university. When living on your own for the first time in your life, I find it really important and helpful to stay organised - it makes everything so much easier and less stressful. Generally, if your environment is clean and organised, it helps you focus on the important things and tasks you might want/have to do. And part of being organised for me is having a planner. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine my University life (or life in general) without my planner. Not only because I’m a total sucker for cute stationery, love to colour coordinate my notes and write basically everything that’s happening in my life down, but also because it is actually something that benefits you and your studies, work or whatever you are doing.
  Organising in University

my planning essentials: planner - pfenningpfeifer // sharpies - target // sticky notes - staples // glasses - lacoste
  Weekly Planning Routine in University

1. Find a planner you like 
 Personally, I like having my whole week on one page, so that I immediately have an overview what I have to do that week on one glance. If you need more space to write down tasks on an everyday basis you can go for a planner which has a whole page for everyday - it all depends on your preferences and needs. 

2. Write down your set and important tasks first 
What I mean by that, is to start off with writing down e.g. your work schedule, the times you are taking classes or whatever relates to your job/work. For me, those set tasks are my lectures as well as my dance and cheerleading sessions.

3. Fill in the free spaces by planning out your free time 
 After you have written down everything you (compulsorily) have to do, it will be a lot easier for you to efficiently schedule your free time, because you can easily tell when there are gaps of free time in your daily schedule. Hence for me, I put down my weekly blogpost uploads, when I’m having night outs, go grocery shopping or do my laundry.
  Planner colour coordinating in College

4. Colour coordinate your activities 
Because I like everything around me to be bright and colourful (and it helps with staying organised) I colour-coordinate my tasks. What that means is basically that you choose a certain colour for every activity category - so go categorise your tasks and find your favourite colour for each of them (I use highlighters or sticky notes). For me that is: yellow - lectures/university appointments, pink - everything to do with my blog, blue - cheer/dance, orange - night outs/birthdays etc., green - random outer-school (is that even a word?) activities. 

Budget your Money in University

notebook - wallgreens // ruler and pencil - present from my mum, so thank you mum I love them

Beside my planner I have a notebook to keep track of all my spendings, because believe me, in University there are lots of those. This notebook helps me to get an overview over all the money I spend on a daily basis and if necessary to see where I can save money.
  WHSmith Notebooks and Stationery

WHSmith Notebooks and Diaries
And lastly for all of you who are just as stationery obsessed as I am, I wanted to share with you those gorgeous notebooks and stationery supplies I found in a nearby store (WHSmith). I think we can all agree that this stuff is bomb! 

 How do you stay organised?

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