Getting Cozy For Autumn


"I like misty autumn mornings, and cold snowy winter nights. Rainstorms bring me innerpeace, thunder sets my soul alight." 

Healthy Breakfast Pancakes

 Don’t we all somehow love the falling leaves, oversized sweaters, nice smelling candles, warm tea and all the other lovely things which make autumn one of our favourite seasons? For today's post I’m bringing you autumn inspiration to help you get into the autumn mood (if you aren’t in it already). I documented some activities to do on one of those cozy, lazy, maybe even rainy & grey autumn days we all love so much. My first idea is start your day off with a delicious breakfast - today I made vanilla pancakes with salted caramel frosting and chocolate chips, I had fruit for a side and of course some yummy hot chocolate.
  Pinterest on Macbook

Get into autumn mood by spending some time on pinterest, tumblr or weheartit - trust me, you will quickly become obsessed, especially when you have a love for pretty things and photography. And also put together an cozy, autumn playlist on Spotify.
  Victoria Park Aberdeen
Walk through Victoria Park Aberdeen

Grab some friends and go on a nice, autumn walk - almost everyone finds seeing the colourful leaves and enjoying the warm autumn sun truly relaxing.
 Essentials for studying at Starbucks

If you have to study for school or university (we shouldn't forget about that) why not get out of your room and go to a nice coffee - it makes your study experience much more exciting and inspiring, gets you outside yet still keeps you on track with Uni/school work. (notebook from walgreens)
  Lush Aberdeen Union Street

To reward yourself for being (hopefully) so productive, go to lush, the bodyshop or bath and bodyworks, get an awesome smelling bath bomb or a face mask and have a hot, bubbly bath.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audible and DVD

Whether on your walk, while you are studying, when laying in your bath tub or when shopping - listen to Harry Potter audiobooks (or any other audiobooks), because they will really get you into the autumn mood - and I'm just super obsessed with Harry Potter anyway.

Primark Duvet Covers and Blankets
Autumn and Fall Movies
Get new sheets in autumn colours, lots of soft blankets and cozy pillows for your bed and make it your comfy place (sheets and blankets from primark). Of course don't forget a good book (I'm currently reading "If I stay" by Gayle Forman), your heatable stuffed unicorn and an autumn movie (mine favourite is of course Harry Potter, but I can also recommend "A nightmare before christmas" or "Hocus Pocus"). 

 Kisses, Laura

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