5 Fun Must-Do Activities in Spring


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.“ - Henri Matisse 

Girl under blooming cherry tree with flowers

Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer, the temperatures go up, the sun is shining more often and the nature starts blooming. Spring has to be one of my favourite seasons because everything is so new, fresh and colourful. In addition to that there are so many activities that are so much more fun to do during springtime, no matter whether you are with your friends, family or on your own. Therefore I want to give you some inspiration and ideas for what to do on a sunny spring day.

Girl in spring outfit with flowers
Girl with roses in old town Aberdeen

Dress up, grab your camera, find a pretty blooming cherry tree and take some pictures with your friends. Having a photoshoot in spring is a lot of fun as everything is so colourful, bright and pretty. Give your Instagram theme a little spring makeover with pictures of blooming flowers from your favourite flower shop or do it like me and grab some [fake, uuuups] flowers and pose under a blooming cherry tree - I can promise you that the pictures will turn out super cute.

Smiling girl in sun

 No matter if you choose tulips, roses or lilies - all kinds of flowers bring life, happiness and colour into your place. Why wait for someone else to buy you flowers when you can treat yourself to some? A bunch of fresh-cut flowers add a lot of life to your place and make everything look so much prettier.

Girl with flowers under blooming cherry tree in spring

There is just something about the fresh spring air and the first warm sunbeams that make walks in the springtime extra special. I don’t know about you but after grey and rainy winter days there is nothing better than having a wee stroll around your town in good spring weather. Make some time for a relaxing walk to your favourite park, along the beach, through the woods or literally wherever you feel like going. 

Girl under cherry blossom tree with flowers

A chat with your best friend while having a delicious scoop of ice cream on a sunny spring day - is there anything better? I don’t think so. Ice cream is definitely one of my favourite treats ever and my favourite flavours are cookies and cream, kinder chocolate, watermelon, nougat, … I can’t even decide! What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Girl laughing in spring

I encourage you to go on trips all year around but many places are extra beautiful in spring. Italy, Amsterdam, California, Austria, Berlin, Paris - especially for places that are too warm to go to in summer or for city trips, the spring season is the perfect time to go. The nature is beautiful and it will most likely be still off-season, which means not that many people and more affordable prices. I got to explore lovely Amsterdam earlier this month and I am telling you about some non-touristy and off-beat spots in my local’s guide to a weekend in Amsterdam here on my blog.

Thanks again to my lovely friend & model Marisa for helping me with the photos! 

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  1. Spring is slowly coming to where I live, but we still have a chance of snow until at least mid April. I can't wait for things to start blooming.

    1. Oh I hope it doesn't snow in Scotland because you never know with the weather here. 🙈
      But I remember in Germany we often had snow for easter 😂🙈
      Yeah I love it when it starts blooming ✨🌈


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